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Pair’d Up: Meet Josiah

Hi Guys,
Yesterday I got to attend the going away brunch for two wonderful friends of mine. After all the bittersweet festivities were done, I got chatting with Josiah. Couldn’t help but notice his casual chic style–especially his shoes–so I promptly asked if he would agree to a photo op. Not only did he agree, but was gracious enough to also grant a brief interview. Thanks Josiah!

Folks like Josiah are such a pleasure to interview mainly due to the fact that they are very unaware of how fab they look. He kept protesting that he didn’t feel dressed enough! lol! My reply? Exactly! you look effortless not contrived 🙂

It Takes A Pair: Where are you from?

Josiah: San Francisco

ITAP: How old are you?

J: 26

ITAP: And what do you do?

J: I’m a Journalist

ITAP: What’s your favorite place to shop?

J: Buffalo Exchange

ITAP: I LOVE that place! lol

ITAP: What’s the most expensive item currently in your wardrobe?

J: Hmmm…a Valentino suit. About $800.

ITAP: Is it tailored?

J: Yeah

ITAP: Nice! So what fashion advice would you give to the average guy?

J: Umm I think it would be, tailoring is very important; clothes off the rack can look boxy–especially pants.

ITAP: Even jeans?

J: Even jeans 🙂

J: I mean some jeans, I wear off the rack, like my Levis. Thankfully these pants are perfect, so they don’t need tailoring.

ITAP; And what usually catches your eye in a lady when it comes to style?

J: I’d say something unique. A flare, a twist.

ITAP: Hmmm. And fashion faux pas?

J: LOL! Mom Jeans!!  I mean the high waisted look. It’s just bad! No matter how it’s styled. I’m yet to see it look good. Maybe it needs to grow on me but…no. LOL!!

ITAP: Hahaha!!!

ITAP: Final question, what’s with the mustache?

J: It’s going to be gone soon. lol!

ITAP: Hahaha! Well why is it there in the first place?

J: It’s for Movember  (support of early prostate cancer detection/cure)

ITAP: Oh nice! Charitable

J: Wait! You’re supposed to donate?

ITAP: Um yeah! hahahah!!!!

J: Oh. 😀

ITAP: Any last words?

J: Thank you? lol!

ITAP: Thank YOU!

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the sources of Josiah’s outfit)

At this point, our lovely friend Julee walks by and Josiah and I just had to inquire about her gorgeous coat. Turns out it’s a Folsom jacket that was her grandfather’s, and is about 40 years old! Talk about quality.

This jacket has a cool map pocket too.

So Josiah decides he wants to try it on

I think he was enjoying it a liiitttle too much though. haha!

(In random Gandalf’s voice) “But alas it must be returned to it’s rightful owner…”

Josiah’s Outfit: Pants– Buffalo Exchange, Shirt– Neimann Marcus, Jacket– Uniqlo, Shades– Warby Parker (Josiah tip- They have unlimited style selection for 99 bucks. They also have a store on Soho & Spring street), Shoes– Donald Pilner

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7 thoughts on “Pair’d Up: Meet Josiah

    • ittakesapair says:

      well don’t expect Josiah to be impressed. lol!!!!
      But seriously though. check out F21 or vintage hunts in Williamsburg.

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